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Nurture is a specially designed two-year course for students with complex learning difficulties, or profound and multiple learning disabilities.

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Highly personalised for each student, Nurture’s curriculum is based around communication, social interaction, independence and wellbeing.

The Nurture programme is a pre-vocational programme aimed at supporting young people to transition from school to adult life. Students will learn positive choice-making to increase and enhance quality of life outcomes.

Sessions include kitchen skills,exercise and movement, communication engagement and sensory exploration.

Where appropriate, sessions teach and promote the use of assistive technology.

We are able to offer the Nurture programme as a day or residential placement.

Therapies within Nurture

Our wider team of therapists fully support students on our Nurture Programme. Therapies include:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Physiotherapy

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This support may be in a 1:1 session, or embedded into group learning activities. Strategies and exercises are embedded into each students’ learning activities.


Students have access to a wide range of environments to support their learning within the Nurture Centre and, the wider college and community including:

Care and Independence

Students’ care and independence needs are central to our curriculum approach in Nurture including personal care, eating, drinking and medication supporting them to have control and independence in these areas of their lives.


The Nurture programme is designed to maximise skills for adult life, including moving into supported living and increased community participation / social mobility.

Of our recent graduates, we are proud to have seen the following outcomes

Student A is non-verbal. Through the curriculum the Nurture team used a range of communication approaches, eye gaze technology and physiotherapy to ensure that he was in control of his choices. As his confidence in his learning grew, he joined the Student Council helping to raise awareness of accessibility around College. He is now able to communicate meaningful decisions about his life, and can confidently express his needs and wishes.

Student B significantly increased his standing time during curriculum sessions utilising a walking sling. The specialist equipment allowed him to move more independently and increased his stability. Being able to greet a member of staff at the door, standing – and seeing their reaction – was a huge boost to his self-esteem.

Student C, who has a life-limiting condition and a visual impairment, has demonstrated significant progress within his curriculum. He is now able to communicate his needs to learning support at college. He has transferred these skills to his home environment. His physical strength and communication have improved and he is far more confident in the community.

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How to Apply

Further information about the Nurture programme can be provided by the Admissions Team on:

Tel: 01691 661234 or Email:

Should funding be granted, we will assign a start date for your young person at the earliest time feasible. However, we will also determine a date that ensures that their specific needs can be met appropriately. Please note that this may be later than the published start date for all new students.

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