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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Technology has a central place at Derwen.

Students are encouraged to use technology throughout their learning and social time . Curriculum areas at College have access to computers, and/or wi-fi to allow for mobile learning.student working at computer

Internet access is monitored and filtered throughout college, and Wi-Fi is available in most indoor areas.

We support students to learn to access the internet safely through our online safety sessions.

Bring Your Own Devices

You are welcome to bring your own devices to College, but please ensure they are in good working order and clearly labelled with your name.

Wi-fi is available in College residences so you are able to use your own devices with the support of staff if you need it. We do have wi-fi coverage in every bedroom, but please bear in mind that this does depend on the device you are using too. The network team can connect smart TVs, games consoles and smart speakers to Wi-Fi upon request.

The Wi-Fi is switched off at 11pm each night. You are encouraged to switch off TVs and electronic devices at a reasonable time.

All students are required to comply with Information Technology Policy.

Social Media

As the use of social media continues to increase, we support those students who want to use it.

Each year, Derwen College takes part in Safer Internet Day with a series of awareness raising activities.

Should any student wish to use Facebook whilst at college they are required to add our Online Safety Coordinator as a friend. This allows designated staff to support students when required.

Contact our safeguarding team on 01691 661234 if you have any concerns regarding online safety.