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When you donate to Derwen College Charity you support students with learning difficulties and disabilities on their journey to a more independent life.

For over 90 years Derwen College has provided specialist education and care for people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

Fundraising enables us to provide opportunities to enhance students’ learning and independence skills, and reach their full potential.

Specialist tools and equipment

Mac and Friends Charity Bike Ride


Many of our students have multiple disabilities that make everyday tasks difficult. Your donation enables us to purchase specialist tools and equipment to enhance independence.


Providing experiences for students

Duke of Edinburgh's Award logo

Derwen College provides students with experiences and opportunities that build confidence and broaden horizons.  Students embark on Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards; take part in competitions; explore new places and discover new hobbies. Our annual student Prom is also supported by Derwen College Charity.


When you donate to Derwen College Charity you help to enable students to access exciting life experiences.


Charity fundraising supports the purchase of vehicles

Vehicles are an essential part of everyday life at Derwen College. Work placements in the community, medical appointments, competitions, new places to visit and explore – our students need to get there!  Modified mini buses allow us to provide accessible transport to students who use wheelchairs or have other physical disabilities.

When you donate to Derwen College Charity you help to keep our vehicles on the road! 

Student accommodation

bungalowMany students who study at Derwen College live here too.  Providing the right student accommodation for each individual is important.

Learning to look after their personal needs, keeping their home environment clean and tidy, and learning to prepare meals on their own is a big part of life for our students. It prepares them for life after college, and a more independent future.

Donations to Derwen College Charity allow us to upgrade and adapt accommodation to suit the specific needs of our students.  Our £1million appeal to upgrade the Agnes Hunt Village bungalows will see significant modernisation of accommodation.

Providing modern home comfort accommodation for students is important to us.

When you donate to Derwen College Charity you help to enable students to learn independence skills in modern facilities.

A Bright Future

Derwen College is unique in the variety of work-place training we have on-site for students. Our busy Garden Centre, Garden Café, Orangery Restaurant, Hotel 751 and Karten Print Shop are open to the public and provide invaluable training. These provisions require updating and modifications to ensure they are industry standard. Skills learned in our facilities prepare students for the next stage – work placements in the community.

We regularly speak to industry leaders to ensure our training provisions are up-to-date, appealing to customers and serve as appropriate learning facilities for students.

When you donate to Derwen College Charity you enable students to learn practical vocational skills in real life settings.