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The Student Union is open every day.

At the Student Union (SU) you have the chance to chill out and do your own thing with friends after work and study.

It’s open every day and there are various events and activities that you will be able to take part in.

Student Union Board

Each October, students vote for who they want to represent them on the SU Board. There is one representative and one deputy representative from each pathway, including the Satellites.

The SU Board Representatives have a clear vision of Learner Voice. Board members recognise how their voice can affect change within the organisation in order to improve the student experience.

Each term, the SU Board Representatives meet with the Senior Leadership Team and Governors to discuss any issues and also to raise any ideas that the students have had for the College. The SU Board is also involved with community projects which raise the profile of Derwen College and Learner Voice.

“The best thing about working on the SU Board is working with new people, learning new things about them, and making new friends.”

Derwen College Student Union is affiliated to the National Union of Students which awards a presence at a National level. The result of this affiliation means our students are able to drive forward change for people with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.

Students are eligible to apply for an NUS Extra card for some great discounts when shopping both in stores and online.

Learner Voice

Learner Voice at Derwen College is very strong and student views influence everything that we do.

The SU Board is very active across the College and beyond, helping to drive forward change for people with SEND.

Students learn how to communicate their likes, dislikes, and thoughts, and how to represent the thoughts of other students to make Derwen College a special place for all of them.

They’ve discussed how to help students feel safe in College, and made a photo map of safe places to ensure everyone feels secure here.

Have a look at the Student Union through our 360 virtual tour