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A brave student, who has never climbed on a spin bike before, is taking part in our mammoth Spinathon event to raise money for Derwen Charity.

Brendan Langan-Hart, who has scoliosis of the spine and associated physical difficulties, is determined to join our 24-hour Spin Along Spinathon from 24-25 March 2023.

The 21-year-old residential student has resolved to take part, despite having never taken to the saddle before.

Brendan, who is a Hospitality and Food student, tried out his first ever spin practise session in preparation for the challenge. He hopes he can complete a full hour on the bike, to support sports coordinators Sian Thomas and Steve Evans who will be pedalling for a gruelling 24 hours.

This is the second year that Sian and Steve have taken on the 24-hour Spinathon challenge for Derwen Charity. Last year’s event raised over £8,000. With more support and sponsors for 2023, the team are hoping to smash the target this year.

The event takes place from 10am to 10am in the College’s Reception area, with students, staff and supporters joining the challenge along the way.

Each person taking part will be embarking on their own personal challenge; some will be aiming to spin for an hour, others have committed to far longer sessions on the bike. Their aim is to raise funds and lend some moral support to Sian and Steve. Money raised from the challenge will go towards new accessible sports changing room facilities which will benefit students and the community.

Other impressive participants include student Harry West – who is also embarking on his first half marathon this year – will be spinning for a phenomenal 8 hours spread across the 24 hours. Members of the College’s Student Union Board will also be joining in for an hour.

The Spinathon has received sponsorship from

Brendan, from Bedfordshire, wanted to get involved despite finding exercise such as cycling very difficult.

Brendan said: “I wanted to do this to raise money for the college. I’m in my second year and I love it here. I wanted to set a good example and give it a go. I’ve managed half an hour in a practise session, it hurt but it was fun. I’m going to try my best to complete an hour. I’m not afraid of a challenge. College has taught me that we can all challenge ourselves and be independent.”

Sian Thomas said: “The support we receive from students and their families is what keeps us going through the day and night. Each student who signs up is taking on their own personal challenge. It’s brilliant to see Brendan step out of his comfort zone to take part. Today was his first day on a spin bike, and he was really nervous about getting on and off the bike safely, but with support from physio and friends, he’s done an amazing job.

“An hour will be a real challenge for him, but I’m confident he can do it!”


Find out more about the Spinathon and sponsor our amazing team on our charity page. 

Sian and Steve’s Spinalong Spinathon

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