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Prince George visited Derwen College on 22nd January 1932.

During his visit, His Royal Highness performed two ceremonies – to lay the foundation stone of the Village Settlement Scheme and to officially open Derwen Training College.

Prince George, Duke of Kent, congratulated Dame Agnes Hunt (founder of both the College and the Orthopaedic Hospital) on the great work she had done.

“I want to thank you, Dame Agnes, for your kind welcome to me here today, and I want to say how pleased I am to have been able to come here to lay the foundation stone of the college. 

I would like to congratulate the boys on the way they have done the indoor decorations of this hall…  I feel that one thing I should do should be to congratulate Dame Agnes Hunt on the great work she has done in founding and helping to start this college.

I can’t do more than to wish it the best of luck, and that it will carry on in the same way it has started.”

During World War II the college became an emergency hospital.

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