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Supported intern Scott, dressed in a high-vis waistcoat, pushes a wheelbarrow containing cleared up leaves.
Scott has a weekly placement at Hope House Children’s Hospices gardens.

Did you know that we offer one-year supported internships which further support students towards their employment goals?

Some of our Shropshire students have progressed to internships with regular work experience placements at local and national businesses. We work hard to partner with companies who offer relevant placements to help students into the area of work that they are interested in. In many cases, these internships lead to offers of paid work after College.

Introducing some of our fantastic 2023/2024 Interns and their work experience placements:
Aaron works at Superfinish Garage and at Severn Hospice
Scott works at Hope House gardens
Harry’s at The British Ironworks, where he’s been painting and tidying ready for a fayre
Libby is at Open Space Dance Studio where she adds customers to the booking system makes and takes the drinks orders
Daniel works at Lot 11 Cafe
Emily works in Kitchen at the Castle at Whittington Castle.
Supported intern Aaron behind the counter in Severn Hospice Charity Shop.
Aaron works at Severn Hospice Charity Shop.
These are just a select few of the wonderful establishments who support our students towards future employment.
Finding meaningful work experience placements that helps students and interns to progress towards their chosen careers is a vital part of learning for many of our students.

Work Experience and Supported Internships Coordinator Abi Baker thanked all of our partner employers for enabling supported interns to gain valuable work experience.

“Our Supported Interns experience the world of work at regular placements in the community, which they attend with job coaches. As students gain independence we withdraw that support, with a long-term view of allowing them to work independently. The ultimate aim is for businesses to take on our young people as employees.”

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