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At Derwen College we believe that students best develop their independence skills in a real life environment.

You will develop your independence skills whilst carrying out everyday living tasks with the support and guidance of care staff.

The types of independence skills that you will learn include:

Personal hygiene Self care skills
Administering medication Cooking
Shopping Budgeting
Cleaning Laundry
Ironing Road safety
Community safety Travel training

Outside of timetabled sessions, Derwen’s care support team will work with you in every aspect of your everyday life and activities.

Your care team at college will get to know you really well. They’ll find out what you like and don’t like, what makes you laugh and what makes you sad, your favourite football team or the band you love to sing along to.

Care staff will help you settle in at college, suggest clubs and activities to join in with and they’ll support you to mix and make friends with the other students.

Staff will help you to organise your leisure time so that you can attend clubs, trips and social events. Likewise, the staff in your accommodation can support you to communicate with home and house-mates and they are there to help you with your weekly personal shopping.

Consequently, as you become more independent, you might not need such close support from staff.

At Derwen, your care provision will always be at a level that’s right for you.