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Functional Skills Resources

2021 Resources

Functional Skills home learning resources Spring term 2021 (opens Google Drive folder)

2020 Resources



English E3 – Book Review Maths E2 – Ordering Numbers
English E3 – Alphabetical Order Maths E2 – Numbers 1-100, Fill in the gaps
English E3 – Alphabetical Order Maths E1 – Tea Break Prices
English E3 – Alphabetical Order 2 Maths E1 – Numbers 0-10
English E3 – Alphabet Scattergories FS Maths E2 – Handling Data
English E2 – Reading and Writing – A ball for my Dog FS Maths E2 – nways of making £2
English E2 – Reading and Writing – sentences FS Maths E1 – numbers to 20
English E2 – Different text different purposes WORKSHEET E1 Maths – Counting 1ps
English E2 – Book Review WORKSHEET E1 Maths – Counting 1ps+2ps
English E2 – Alphabet Scattergories WORKSHEET E1 Maths – Hours Clocks
English E2 – All About Me WORKSHEET E2 Maths – Halves Clocks
E2 – The Germometer WORKSHEET E2 Maths – Quarter Past Clocks
English E1 – Reading Maths L1 – Negative Numbers
English E1 – Reading Signs Maths E3 – MODE Average
English E1 – Capital Letters Maths E3 – MEAN Average
English E1 – Sandwich Making Wordsearch E1 Maths Time
FS – Writing Simple Sentences E1 Maths Handling Data
English E1 – Sandwich Making Wordsearch E1 Maths Counting 1ps
Adjective Work Sheet E1 Maths Counting 1ps & 2ps
FS – Reading Task – Dottie’s Birthday Addition Work Sheet
Noun, adjective, verb Ordinal Numbers
FS – Odd One Out Number Questions
FS E2-E3 Design your own sport event Money – Rounded up
FS – Odd One Out – pictures Money handling skills
Addition Number Worksheet
Column Addition
Money – worded problems
FS – Writing Dates Using Two Digit Numbers
FS – Date Presentation
FS – Matching Dates
FS – Sports Day Data
FS Pre-Entry Sports Day Maths
FS E1 High Jump maths
FS E2 Beat the Record