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These measures include:

Trips – smaller groups of students made up from their own residence bubble. Enhanced Risk Assessments of trip locations.

Work Experience on site

Reduced numbers in student groups, socially distanced classroom set-ups, staggered lunch breaks. The Orangery will be closed to the public but will be offering a Take Away service to staff, and students will continue to learn their hospitality skills in this set up. Students will not be working in the Garden Centre Shop or Café, in order to minimise contact with third parties.

External Work Experience Placements

External Work Experience Placements will continue to take place where it is deemed safe to do so. Enhanced Risk Assessments will be carried out, including on the optimum transport arrangements and on the environment at work.

Leisure Time

The Student Union will remain closed until further notice in order to maintain social distancing and students will be supported to enjoy their leisure time in different ways.

Face coverings

We will ask students to wear face coverings in places where it is mandatory. Please would you supply your young person with a small number of fabric face coverings that are appropriate to be laundered. Alternatively, please provide them with a sufficient supply of disposable face coverings if that is preferred.

Staff information

For information you will find below the Safe System of Work Form. Staff are required to read, sign and abide by the details given.

Safe System of Work Form
To be used & reviewed together with the following documents;
Risk Assessment : (Number / Date)
Permit to work : Number / Date)
RA.EST.C05  13.05.20
Brief Description Of Activity / Task For which These Procedures Apply:
Staff working safely regarding Coronavirus
Staff Groups & Persons Involved In The Activity / Task
Eduaction, Care & Support Staff groups
Hazards To Which Staff / Persons May Be Exposed
Special Equipment and Protective Clothing Required To Carry Out The Activity
Disposable fluid resistant gloves, face covering masks, fluid resistant aprons and face masks (as required)
Training Requirements/Relevant Experience Required
Safe use and disposal of PPE including putting on and taking off
Procedure Which Must Be Followed and Precautions Which Must Be Taken.
Do’s Do Not’s
1 Park in your allocated car park close to your
place of work, and enter college using permitted walkways assigned to you
2 Only enter and work in your allocated buildings Do not enter other buildings other than your places of work
3 To minimise face to face contact, use ‘Entrance’only and ‘Exit’ only doors to the building, and adhere to any one-way systems that may be in place
4 Where possible, use the Kronos App on your phone to clock in and out of work Do not use clock machines located in areas to which you are not assigned
5 Ensure that you use the hand sanitiser placed at the entrance to the building upon entry
6 Ensure there are sufficient cleaning and sanitising products available in your building.  Please ensure that the daily checking sheet located by your santiser station is completed daily.  Further products can be requested by e-mailing Kathy Jones
7 Take your body temperature and record in the daily monitoring sheet – which needs to be e-mailed to HR daily Do not remain within the building if your temperature exceeds 37.8’C – You must leave site imediately and contact your manager
8 Adhere to the specific start, end and break times that you are allocated, and only use the welfare facilities within your immediate work area Do not arrange to meet work colleagues from other work aeas during your break times
9 Maintain as much as possible a safe distance of 2m or more between students / clients and colleagues
10 Maintain social distance at work stations by sitting at allocated desks at a safe distance or back to back Do not share work stations or desk.
There is to be no ‘Hot Desking’
11 Staff must clean/santise their work station at the
end of every day as well as clean frequently touched items (door handles etc) 3 times daily
12 Ensure that hospec solutions are disposed of after 24hrs – ensure you label and record date and time of solution prepared Do not us Hospec cleaning solution if it has been made up for 24 hours or more
(it will be innefective)
13 Maintain good personal hygiene throughout the working day including, before entering a building, after, coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, going to the toilet and before eating and drinking
14 Only one person at a time to use small communual areas such as the kitchen
15 Use any floor direction arrows to prevent potential face to face contact – maintain social distancing
16 PPE will be provided in your place of work, this is provided to support you in reducing any anxietes and keeping everyone safe if you wish to use it
17 Remove all PPE safely, and dispose of in the contaminated waste pedal bin if it becomes damaged, contaminated, or your face masks become damp Do not leave the building wearing any PPE except your face mask
18 If you feel unwell during your shift, leave the building immediately and go home.  Please ensure you let your manager and HR know  as soon as possible Do not come to work, or work in the College if you have any symptoms of coronavirus
Written By: K.Jenkins Date: 20.05.20 Signature:
Line Manager: Date: Signature:
SSW Version No.: 1 Review Date:
Declaration to be signed by all personnel working to Safe System of Work:

I have read and understood the information contained in this SSW and associated Risk Assessment(s) and agree to abide with all safety controls.

Name Date Signature

HR50 – COVID19 Visitor and Contractors Health Questionnaire

Derwen College is providing residential care for vulnerable students and clients who must remain at our Service provision, it remains quite possible that our provisions and services may be required to support other external agencies & services, providing emergency care for others in the coming months. It is imperative that all efforts must be made to minimize any potential risks of spreading the virus on site through the contamination of physical objects or through person to person contact.

Coronavirus is a real life threatening risk to our persons in care – please help us in protecting them.

Coronavirus symptoms : A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature). A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual). If you, a family member or any person you are in regular contact with has symptoms, you must self isolate.

Section 1:     Your Details




Office Use;

Unique Ref No.



Company Name:


Person Visiting:


Reason for Visit:


Section 2:     Medical Screening Questionnaire




Are you currently suffering or have you suffered from any of the following within the last 14 days:
Difficulty Breathing Yes No
Fever Yes No
Cough Yes No
Have you needed to contact your GP? Yes No
2.  Have you been in contact with anyone who has suffered from/or is suffering from any of the above symptoms in the last 2 weeks?



3. Have you or a family member self-isolated due to fears of Covid-19 since the start of this pandemic?




If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, please inform person you are visiting before accessing our main site.