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The student union is one of our busiest and largest areas here at college where the majority of our safeguarding issues occur and following advice we have installed CCTV in this area.  This decision has been reached following the latest CQC inspection and advice from West Mercia Police, Protecting Vulnerable People Adults at Risk Unit and we feel that this is an appropriate and proportionate method of safeguarding for students. CCTV will not be used to replace staff and staffing levels in these areas will remain as they are.

Footage from the CCTV will be used for evidence in any safeguarding investigations and its purpose is to provide an extra level of safety for both students and staff.

We have been consulting with students about the installation in a variety of ways including putting up posters, talking to student groups and individuals and liaising with student council.

We would like to reassure parents and students that the guidelines issued by CQC and other relevant bodies around installation and use of the CCTV have been followed and will continue to be so.

The policy update can be found on our website If you have any concerns regarding this, please do get in contact.